In the past seven years, I’m studying my master’s and Ph.D. in TU Delft, the Netherlands. The small town I lived in is called Delft, located in the south Netherlands between Den Haag and Rotterdam. It used to be a busy place for trading in history but now a leisurely and classical town. There is nothing more pleasant than sitting by the canal and having brunch on weekend days.



In this lovely town, I explored how to derive interesting information about people and events from social media (Twitter and Instagram) in the urban context.

Observing the activity of people and the dynamics of urban events is so interesting. Compared to experiencing everything by oneself, social media looses the physical boundary and provides an extended and global perspective with regard to the insight of the happenings. It definitely enriched my life. In the meantime, these insights derived from social media also help to improve the urban environment. To get to know more about my research, check out my Academic Section.


Before diving into the social media data analysis, I did my bachelor’s in computer science and worked as a software developer and later a technical sales in the ICT industry in China and Europe (based in Norway). Different experiences when doing the same thing in eastern and western cultures urged me to compare/analyze the two systems and to awareness the distinctions between them.


As for my work and education, I’ve been to lots of places in the past ten years, covering (almost) all European countries, with each more than three times. Also, I traveled to other countries such as the U.S. and HK. In the near future, I plan to discover more places on this planet. The top targets are Australia, Taiwan, and Japan, where my interests are not only the popular attractions but most important, their culture and life of ordinary ones. Looking forward to that.


In my spare time, I play football every week, wearing a blue shirt, the same color as Italy. I also create new fun projects occasionally based on ideas from my studies or from nothing, just for fun. You could check some of them in the Portfolio Section.

Recently since the lockdown, I’m obsessed with discovering small and beautiful countryside in the south Netherlands by bike. One of my objective in 2020-2021 is to iterate all towns and cozy cafes around Delft, Den Haag and Rotterdam, in the Netherlands. Just as the texts you are reading, at this moment I’m writing it in a cafe in a small town, sitting in the terrace by the water (canal), with a cup of ice latte in the shadow of the afternoon sun, a beautiful spot of time-space in the earth.

Brunch De Buytenplaets

In the end, I wish you a pleasant journey to visit my homepage.

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