The PhD Thesis Latex Template for PhD students from TRAIL Research School, The Netherlands



When I started writing my dissertation in 2019, I received several Trail latex templates from colleagues and Trail itself. However, those templates are organized many years ago (e.g. ten years) which may not fit the current requirements and also can not be easily deployed (e.g. plenty of errors). Most importantly, there is no best practice for how these templates can be used by everyone.

Based on a version provided by Trail, I spend some time correcting all bugs and re-organizing files. Following the convention, I uploaded the updated version into Github, where everyone can reach it. In the meantime, I understand that not all the Trail students are familiar with the latex code, compiler, Github and such. So I built up an online demo where everyone can check directly if this works or if this is something he/she is looking for.

For more detail, please visit the website for this project. Like it? Give it a star on Github.


There are still needs to build up best practice on using this template off-line, such as on Windows and Mac. I’m a fan of Mac so I can contribute that part. If anyone is interesting the Windows part and would like to contribute a bit, please let me know. We can do it together.


Thanks Conchita van der Stelt from the Trail Research School for reviewing this template.

Thanks Bellows Wang for testing this project.

Thanks Rudy Negenborn for the original version.

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